How we work

Beyond Advise

The first step is always a meeting with the key stakeholder(s) to discuss the growth or change plans. We discuss what personnel consequences they would have and what the optimal time to hire would be but also what investment it would take to reach to growth plans. If needed we can put you in touch with investors/ VC’s.  Next to that we create a tailor made growth plan for you that goes deeper into who to hore and when. As an extra service we can support this with data research that will enable to keep you culture intact. You decide who the key players in the organization are, whose success you’d like to duplicate. Together with scientists Manchester University we created a questionnaire that we ask those key players to fill out, from which the core competencies for your organization can be extracted.

Beyond Research

We strongly believe that research should start before we start working on a new assignment. We constantly map the European market in search for the best (leadership) talent and aim to keep in regular touch with them. This enables us to act quickly when the right role comes up at one of our clients, but also to proactively introduce them to our valued clients that have indicated they would always be open to a certain type of profile (Additional introductory services).

Beyond Search & Recruitment.

Of course we can do a traditional search for a key hire (most often a leadership role) for you, but next to that we can also provide you with the recruitment services when you are looking to hire a larger number of staff within a specified timeframe (The Project) and with Talent pooling and continuous hiring, for those profiles you’d always be interested in.


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